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 Friday? Again? So Soon?
Here are 6 little things to about mindfulness and things to us help chill out :)


This quiz will tell you what your Mindful Personality type is.  "By more clearly seeing and understanding our tendencies in everyday life, we can learn about ourselves and our habitual responses to our internal and external world." - Dr. Judson Brewer 


Certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). Want to learn more about Mindfulness and how to use it for stress reduction? Click to find a teacher or program in your area.  There are also links to general info & online programs.


Unhealthy Relationship with Food? I struggle with food, weight and body image. Do you? I just downloaded this app called Eat Right Now that's supposed to help you heal your relationship with food.  I'll let you know how it goes. 


TED Talks about Mental Health & Anxiety ... Sarah Rose Coaching  has a great list of Ted Talks that deal with anxious minds, emotional first aid, getting unstuck from negatives, and how to embrace stress. 


Meditation: The Why, What & How...I wrote a little post about what meditation is and why you should do it, did you read it?  Go do that :)


Pocket Calming Oil ... I bought this neat little roller ball. It's tiny & easy to carry with you for whenever you need a little self care. The scent is minty, cooling, subtle and super relaxing. A great reminder to take a breath and chill out. 


I'll leave you with this via

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Have a great weekend!
- K

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  • Brooke on

    I love the idea of a little pocket rolly oil thingy! Just a little subtle reminder to embrace all of the tools you already know how to do. Will definitely try it!

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