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Friday Anxiety Links


Hi friends!

It hit me last night that September is here.  In my completely rational and not overly dramatic way I thought, HOLY SHIT, September it's "basically" October which is "basically" Halloween, which is "basically" Christmas, then New Years and the school year is "basically" over and my 5 & * year olds are "basically" leaving for college. So, yeah...;)

Anyway :D ... Here are some links you might find helpful...or interesting...or just funny. 

  • This free ebook with 50 reasons you're anxious is a neat little resource. You just need to sign up for the newsletter.  
  • When breathing doesn't work, truffles perhaps? 
  • Hey!  The Mighty published my post about how hard Back to School was for my kindergartener. Check it out here . 
  • THIS is one of my favorite notebooks ever.  Journaling and making lists helps me manage my anxiety in a productive way. 


...I wish you calm moments this weekend.


be well,

- Kristen


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